5 ways to keep your horse hydrated this summer.

When the temperature rises the more dehydrated we become, and so do our horses, as horse owners, we must make sure that they have constant access to clean fresh water which will stop them from becoming very unwell, very quickly.

If you aren't lucky enough to have an auto-fill trough you may want to put a few extra buckets of water in the field, you will be surprised how much each horse drinks when the temperatures increases.


How much water does a horse drink each day?

A horse that is approx 500kg (which is approx 15hh depending on the breed) will drink between 30-50 litres of water a day and potentially more when your horse is sweating.

Besides having access to clean water, here are 5 ways we can keep our horses hydrated during the hottest months of the year:

1. Electrolytes Supplements- If your horse has been working hard and/or it has just been very hot, add an electrolytes supplement to some feed to replace those lost vital salts.

2. Salt Block - Hanging a salt block or lick in your horse's field and stable will help replace the salts your horse has lost when he/she has been sweating, these can come in many forms such as a Himalayan Salt block or a tasty Horselyx that come in many flavours such as Mint and Garlic.

3. Shelter - Having some sort of shelter whether natural or man-made in your horse's pasture is not only beneficial during the wind and rainy seasons, it offers refuge from the hot summer days, we all like somewhere cool to go when it gets a bit too much!

4. Avoid Peak Sun - If your horse does not have access to a shelter, bringing your horse in during the hottest times of the day will help keep your horse from getting too hot and dehydrated too quickly.

If you want to go for a ride or work your horse, the best time to go is when it is cooler in either the early morning or late evening, where possible, try to avoid the midday sun.

5. Natural sources - You will be surprised how many horses will not drink from anything other than their usual water bucket in the stable or trough in the field, when you out and about on a hack and come across a stream, try and get your horse to have a drink from there, it will help on those warmer days when you are out and your horse could do with a drink.

Do you have any different suggestions or tips on how you keep your horse hydrated this summer, comment below we would love to hear them!

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