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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Anyone else noticed ‘shedding season’ has begun? - The season where our furry mud monsters become beautiful summer swans.

Now if you are like me you can look at this both ways and think ‘Yayy... this is a sign Spring is on its way!’ Or ‘Greeeaat.... this is where I come home EVERY day with a new fur coat (not to mention finding the stuff in your underwear) and have enough fur to make a new rug after one grooming session!’

What may seem that our four legged friends are shedding because of the temperature change it is in fact due to the change in daylight hours, it just so happens to start at around the same time.

Even though 'shedding season' is a completely natural process you may find your horse increasingly itchy during this time so will start rubbing on anything that will hold up a good scratch (i.e. A tree!), you will also notice that your horse will LOVE a good massage and rub during their grooming session too – you may even find them pulling funny faces when you do this!

From mitts, blades, blocks and clippers here are our 7 'best' buys that you can use whilst grooming your noble steed to help them shed their loose fur (sorry humans you will have to invest in a sticky roller by the time you are finished!) :

2. LINCOLN Grooming Block - £3.60 each


6. LINCOLN Ultimate Groomer - £19.99 each

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