What clip is best for my horse?

At the end of the summer, your horse will start to get longer and denser fur as the temperature lowers to getting ready for the autumn and winter months ahead, this is also when your horse starts to resemble a stinky, sweaty, teddy bear after exercise, so clipping your horse can be a useful option to help reduce excessive sweating and dry quicker.

There are a variety of clips you can do but it all depends on what workload your horse does and if he/she lives in or out during the winter months, to make it easier for you to decide which clip to do, we have created a guide which will recommend which clip to give your horse:

Heavy Work/Competing

The Full Clip

The Full Clip is where all the fur is removed including areas such as the legs, head and ears, this clip is great for horses in heavy work or competing as it allows the horse to dry quickly and reduces sweating.

The Hunter Clip

This clip is where all fur is removed except for the legs and the area of which the saddle will sit, it is most popular for horses that go hunting as it gives extra warmth and protection to the horse's legs and allows the body to dry out quickly.

Medium Work

The Blanket Clip

The Blanket Clip is where the fur is left on the legs and where an exercise sheet would be placed on the horses back, this clip is great for medium work as it offers warmth and protection on the legs and main part of the horse's body whilst keeping the neck and underbelly cool.

Medium-Light Work

The Irish Clip

The Irish Clip is where the horse's fur has been clipped from the neck to behind the elbows, leaving fur on the legs and back for keeping warmth, a great clip for light/medium work. The Trace Clip

The Trace Clip is where the fur is removed from the underside of the horse's neck, chest and belly, another great clip for light/medium work.

Light Work

The Bib Clip

The Bib Clip is where fur is only clipped from the neck and chest area however some owners also clip where the girth goes too, this is a really good clip for horses who are in light work and mostly living out as this clip still keeps most of the fur on the body and legs for extra warmth and protection.

When deciding on which clip to give to your horse you will need to be mindful when rugging your horse as you do not want them to get too cold, click here to see our latest guide to rugging your horse.

5 Pre-clip Tips

1- Check your clippers are in good working order, there's nothing worse when you are mid-clip to find the clippers aren't working correctly, the battery isn't holding its charge, your blades are blunt or you have run out of chalk to draw your outline!

2- Rug at the ready! - If you are giving your horse a full clip or hunter clip it is worth remembering that your horse will feel the cold so always have a rug to hand to put on especially if the temperature starts drop mid-clip.

3- Pick the right time - It is best to clip your horse when you are not having to rush back home and when the weather is calm/settled, you and your horse will be much more at ease when you arent clock watching and bad weather isn't due in - clipping when your horse is being a 'spanner' always results in wonky lines!!

4- Hair Ties and Tail Bandages, to keep your horse's mane and tail from being accidentally clipped off, wrap your horses tail with a tail bandage to keep those flyaways down and braid your horse's mane to keep it out of the way too.

5- As we all know how much of our horse's fur we wear during 'shedding season', think how much hair will stick to EVERY piece of your clothing (inside and out) when clipping your horse! Take a change of clothes with you or wear some overalls so you don't end up resembling your horse after you have finished.

Need new clippers or just some oil? don't panic we have got you covered click here to see our Clipper & Accessories page.

If you have any other tips or suggestions when clipping your horse please do comment below!

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