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Horse and Rider Hi-Viz Guide

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Horse and Rider Hi-Viz Guide. The winter months are coming up, which means that it will soon be dark when you take your horse out for a ride. As we all know, the safety of yourself and others is very important when riding outside in these conditions. There are many ways to stay safe while riding at night but one of the most effective ways is using hi-viz clothing and accessories!

Hi-Viz is not only needed for darker days but for all year round too no matter what your age or ability is, wearing hi-vis when you are out on the road can give drivers an extra 3 seconds of reaction and braking time, the next time you are travelling in the car count 3 seconds and see how far you have gone - it’s quite a distance!

According to research, it has shown that other than cars, helicopter pilots could potentially see a rider in hi-viz up to half a mile sooner which gives them more time to react. It also means that in the unfortunate event a rider has fallen from their horse, they may be seen much sooner and hopefully prevent their injuries from becoming more serious.

If you are not a fan of fluorescent yellow, hi-vis can also come in pink and orange, these colours are a great alternative to wear in the summer as they stand out more if you are riding through fields.

Hi-Vis doesn't have to be expensive and with so many different products to choose from on the market, we have put together a quick horse and rider hi-vis product guide starting from head to toe (Or head to tail).

Horse Hi-Viz

When out on a hack it is important to see hi-vis from all angles, hi-vis bridle sets can be attached to most styles of horse bridles and fit neatly around the noseband, headband, cheek pieces and reins, the majority of designs are easy to attach with velcro which means that they are just as easy to take off when they need to go for a wash!

Neck reins are simple yet effective, they simply hang around your horse's neck and fasten with velcro or clip, some designs have a second strap that is connected from the neckband and loops through your horses' girth.

Hi-Viz Exercise Sheets are great for not only covering a large area of your horse's body with a bright colour but they are also useful for keeping your horse warm and dry especially if they have been clipped for the winter.

In the summer there are other alternatives such as the Hy Viz Mesh which keeps your horse cool whilst exercising yet still being very visible.

Not forgetting the 'back end' you can add a tail band to your horse, generally, this is a simple band that wraps around the horse's dock and attaches with velcro, as an alternative we love the flashing Equisafety LED Tail Band, it has a few different flashing settings to choose from, easy to turn on/off, made with neoprene material for comfort and is fully rechargeable using the USB cable supplied!

For your horse's legs, there are a variety of hi-vis leg bands that wrap around your horses lower legs (Canon), these can be worn on their own or over a boot, if you are not a fan of leg wraps why not try hi-vis boots and/or hi-vis overreach boots.

Now we have kitted out your horse and made him or her more visible, let's look at what the rider can wear...

Rider Hi-Viz

Hat Bands are great for going around the base of your riding hat and are held in place with velcro or elastic, if you own a skull style hat why not invest in a reflective silk.

There are many hi-vis options for all seasons, if you are looking for a warm waterproof Hi-Viz coat then look no for further than the HyViz Waterproof Riding Jacket or the Equisafety Inverno Jacket that is also available in the Polite Range, however, if you are looking for a lighter option for the warmer months you may want to opt for a lightweight jacket or tabard, one of our favourites is the Equisafety Polite Waistcoat, it is available in a variety of sizes with elastics and adjustable velcro on either side of the waist, this means you can wear it with just a long-sleeved top or with a coat and/or a body protector on.

There are a few legwear options from HyViz Jodhpurs or breeches, or if you already have a favourite pair or legwear why not add HyVis Chaps to your wardrobe.

If you are not a fan of fluorescent colours, try the silver range, they are obviously not as bright as the fluorescent colours but when a light is shining on them they shine really bright!

Hi-Vis isn't just for horses and riders, it is just as important for dogs and their walkers to wear hi-vis too!

HyViz Reflector Waterproof Dog Coat
HyViz Reflector Waterproof Dog Coat

Keep your dog safe and seen with a hi-vis dog coat and invest in a universal LED flashing attachment that can be clipped on your dog's collar or lead.

What is your favourite piece of Hi-Viz? Do let us know in the comments below!

All products listed can be purchased from our website, don't forget we offer free UK mainland p&p!

If there is something you would like us to blog about or do a review on drop us a message at, we would love to hear from you!

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