Horse Rugging Guide

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

With the temperature changing almost daily from really hot in the day, to really cold at night we are in a constant state of wonder whether we put a rug on our horse or not, will they be too hot?, will they be too cold?, is it going to rain?, will they lose weight if I don't put a rug on? I have a coat on so should my horse? and we end up being a worried mess throughout the day wondering if we have made the right decision (head now in hands) don't worry I've been there MANY times...

So to make life a little easier I have put a guide together as to what I would use for my horse, now please use this guide 'as a guide' each horse has different needs, from a fine-boned thoroughbred that feels the cold to more furry native breed, use your common sense and go with your gut, if you are not sure just ask another yardie - I'm sure they will be happy to help and have your horses interest at heart!

Horse Rugging Guide

Light Weight Rug - The lightweight turnout rug has no fill to a small amount of filling up to 100g.

Medium Weight Rug - The mid-weight rugs have filling around approx 200g.

Heavy Weight Rug - The heavyweight rug are those that contain a filling of 300g and above.

Fly Rugs

StormX Original Zebra Print Fly Rug

The new Zebra fly rug is designed to protect your horse from annoying flying insects. The black and white stripes confuse insects so they steer clear while the breathable mesh fabric prevents the horse from overheating.

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Light weight Rugs

StormX Original Liza Dog 0 Turnout Rug

Sausage Dogs and Westies adorn this stylish turnout rug, complete with bones and love hearts, it’s the perfect rug for dog lovers.

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Medium Weight Rugs

StormX Original Keep Calm and Get Muddy 200 Combi Turnout Rug

‘Keep Calm and Get Muddy’ with this limited edition mediumweight turnout rug with integrated contour neck with twin touch tape fastenings. Featuring eye-catching rose gold hardware, 200g fill and 600 deniers waterproof breathable fabric.

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Heavy Weight Rugs

DefenceX System 300 Combi Turnout Rug

This DefenceX heavyweight 300g turnout rug features a durable 1200 denier outer that’s waterproof and breathable with an integral neck with touch tape fastenings.

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Stable Rugs

StormX Original 100 Combi Stable Rug

This Lightweight Stable Rug is perfect for early spring and autumn weather, as well as being ideal as an extra layer when the weather gets really cold.

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