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6 things do to at the yard this week

Wow...where has this year gone already! Who else has noticed the leaves changing colour and dropping on the ground already? It feels like our horses have only just got their summer coats and now their winter fur is on its way back, with fur looking denser than ever clipping season is only just around the corner! So with the weather starting to change, here are my 6 jobs at the yard to do at the end of August: 1- Make way for hay! - Now is the time to give the barn a good sort out and rotate any hay you have left, sweep out the old dusty remains and make space for new hay this winter (old at the front and new at the back), you can usually tell which bales are newer as they will be greener and

5 ways to keep your horse hydrated this summer.

When the temperature rises the more dehydrated we become, and so do our horses, as horse owners, we must make sure that they have constant access to clean fresh water which will stop them from becoming very unwell, very quickly. If you aren't lucky enough to have an auto-fill trough you may want to put a few extra buckets of water in the field, you will be surprised how much each horse drinks when the temperatures increases. HORSE FACT How much water does a horse drink each day? A horse that is approx 500kg (which is approx 15hh depending on the breed) will drink between 30-50 litres of water a day and potentially more when your horse is sweating. Besides having access to clean water, here a

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